Formation of ATP

Formation of ATP

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Everybody needs energy. But you should know how our cells make energy. You don't need to know all biochemical reactions inside the cells.This is chemistry, mathematics and physics. All true sciences! Medical science is not true science.


For your info, just remember: one molecule of glucose( end product of carb metabolism) gives us only 36 ATP( energy molecule); on the other hand, one molecule of fatty acid( end product of fat metabolism) gives us 130 ATP. Most important thing is: fat metabolism doesn't produce any lactic acid! Only carb metabolism produces a lot of lactic acid if you can't burn the glucose, not only lactic acid, all other acids like acetic acid, LDL cholesterol, TG( triglycerides) and other fatty acids.

So now you can decide what you should eat: Sugars & Carbs or Good Fats!

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