The reason of the method

The basis for creating the author's method of recovery was the health problems of Dr. Mujibur Rahman himself. Constant stress, huge workloads, regular flights and time zone changes - it's no wonder that overall well-being left much to be desired, excess weight, joint pains and headaches developed, there was a constant lack of energy. Using all his knowledge, modern achievements and ancient techniques proven by thousands of years of experience, he created a special program based on the principles of proper nutrition, alkalization of the body, optimal energy production by cells, complete detoxification of the organism, a quiet lifestyle and sufficient motor activity. In the methodology of Dr. Mujibur Rahman, special attention has been paid to cellular energy education.

So, what is a "natural scientific" approach? It is:

Conversion of the acidic environment of the body into an alkaline

Complete detoxification of the body

Activation of the mechanism of cell recycling through the inclusion of anti-aging enzymes

Increased use of oxygen

Management of stress

Individual moderate physical activity

A friendly environment and a sense of well-being.

They are called the basics, because they work together, as in the recipe.

To understand this, you must understand the underlying cause of all degenerative (age) diseases:


blood coagulation

poor circulation

poor cell oxygenation

decreased use of oxygen and enzyme activation

decay of mitochondria

weak energy production

a decrease in the protective function of immunity

degenerative diseases.

Vantage Natural Health Center will reverse these processes and revive your health and energy. We deal with all modern degenerative diseases, such as heart disease, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease, asthma, allergies, psoriasis, eczema, osteoporosis, migraine, hyperacidity, etc. But this is not all. The main thing is that we will teach you how to change your way of life, you will become healthy and energetic without doctors and medicines, remaining so for the rest of your life.

Treatment and procedures:

1. The transformation of the acidic environment of the body into an alkaline one.

To maintain life, the body must maintain a constant body temperature and constant pH values of fluids in the body, such as gastric juice, blood and pancreatic juice (this ability is called homeostasis). Due to bad habits and malnutrition, there is an imbalance in our system. All-natural foods provide energy and nutrients so that our body can function properly. In the process of processing food in the body, acid waste is produced, and our way of life does not allow the body to completely utilize these wastes, which leads to the onset of degenerative diseases and premature aging. To reverse the aging process, it is necessary to cleanse the body using a two-step procedure. The first step is to reduce the acidity of the body so that it can easily and safely dispose of acid waste in the blood and intercellular fluid. The second step is the physical removal of accumulated acid waste from the body. This is possible using two methods:

Alkaline diet and alkaline water (chemical method).

Physical exercises, massage, infrared sauna, etc. (physical method).

All of this is offered by Vantage Natural Health Center.

2. Activation of the mechanism of cell recycling through the incorporation of rejuvenating enzymes.

The human body consists of 40-60 trillion cells. Inside these cells there are mitochondria, which create energy for the whole organism. If the cells are in good condition, the energy conversion goes well, you can enjoy health and energy, despite the age. When there is accumulation of debris in our cells, the mitochondria cannot function effectively. It is necessary to clear the cells of the "garbage" (intracellular detoxification) in order to restore the health of the body. In the body there is intracellular detoxification (the system of utilization of "garbage"), which includes rejuvenating enzymes. It only needs to be started.

Vantage Natural Health Center creates all the conditions for launching a natural system of recycling "garbage".

How it's done?

Short fasting

Dietary methods

Cleansing of the intestines.

A little starvation

We are victims of our own success - eating too much and too often. The organism now and then is engaged in processing of constantly arriving nutrients, thereby we deprive it of effective processing activity in our cells and activation of rejuvenating enzymes. Short-term hunger activates this intracellular detoxification (autophagy) with the help of rejuvenating enzymes (proteases). In our body there are more than 5000 enzymes, which create about 25 000 different biochemical reactions. Almost all these reactions require enzymes, so that they occur at a rate sufficient to sustain vital activity.

Dietary methods

I strongly recommend a diet containing 85% of plant products and 15% of products of animal origin. We must eat to lead an energetic and creative life. And for this it is necessary to consume nutrients, which can be divided into three groups:

Group A: water, enzymes.

Group B: minerals, vitamins.

Group C: phytochemicals, dietary fiber.

"Ideal" products are products containing all three groups in the right proportions, and these are vegetables, fruits, algae and other products of plant origin.

Products of animal origin do not have dietary fiber, enzymes. They contain a large amount of fats that are difficult to digest, which leads to the accumulation of waste in the intestines, contributing to the appearance of a bad intestinal environment and clogging of cells. This jeopardizes the production of the necessary energy for the body.

Colon cleanse

The key to health is in your intestines - that's how most reputable scientists believe. The health of our intestines has a significant effect on the cells, since all food is digested and absorbed into it. It is from the intestine that nutrients are sent to all cells of the body. If there is accumulation of toxic substances and gas in the intestine, such as hydrogen sulphide, ammonium, indole and scatol, which pollute our blood, this will have a negative effect on the work of cells. One of the strategic foundations of the immune system is in the intestine. About 60-70% of our immune cells are in Peyer's patches of the small intestine. When our intestines are contaminated, these immune cells can not function normally. In other words, a diet that spoils our intestines, causes a decrease in the immune resistance of the body. Based on the statement that the pure intestine is the guarantee of your health, I suggest several methods for cleansing the intestine. The first method is a refusal to eat for a short period, including the dietary changes described by me. Other methods I recommend are coffee enema and hydrocolonotherapy. Remember that the basis of cleansing the bowel is not an enema, but your daily intake of food.

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