Wellness bar

A unique feature of the Wellness Bar is that it serves non-alcoholic, adaptogenic smoothies based on herbs.

Smoothies are prepared using special herbal formulas, using only organic herbs (adaptogens), right before your eyes.

Our drinks guarantee the perfect taste and energy for the whole day! They excrete toxic substances from the body, contributing to the speedy recovery of the patient.

Try our unusually delicious smoothies, which contribute to saturation and improvement of the immune system, and recovery of the body.

Smoothies from adaptogens - a healthy alternative to nutrition!

undoubtedly tasty and useful, are prepared by Dr. Mujibur himself from organic adaptogens, which will replace any fruits and vegetables

in our cafe a high-quality compound is presented, expressed by the addition of fresh herbs, which are preserved with the help of creative and patented processing technology - biodynamic freeze drying

all our herbs are fully ripened at the peak of their biological activity, delivered within 24 hours after fresh harvest, then biodynamic freeze-dried, resulting in a highly active, stable, bioavailable and concentrated product that is not subject to microbial fermentation

Technology of production of adaptogens

Biodynamic freeze drying: better process - better product.

Science has long recognized the process of sublimation drying as the best method of conservation. Products are dried during freezing (not exposed to heat) by a natural process known as "sublimation." All vital connections remain intact as long as water is removed, only water. We raise the bar of quality through an evolutionary, transitional process called "Biodynamic freeze drying".

Instead of being immobile on trays, the product intensively flies in a circle inside the drying chamber. The area of the exposed surface increases and the rate of heat transfer increases, which leads to a faster, more consistent drying and to a lower moisture content.

The motion of deep-frozen particles and the sublimation of the structure of the ice cause the product to break into very small particles (micronization) along natural elementary fractional lines with a porous particle structure.

Plant ingredients, dried by conventional methods, are mechanically pulverized. This breaks the cellular structure, which exposes the product to heat and leads to a change in the structure of the product.

Biodynamic freeze drying creates smaller particles with a porous structure, which are absorbed faster and completely, and are absorbed.

Advantages of biodynamic freeze drying.

In addition to the significant advantages of freeze-drying on trays, our advanced Biodynamic Freeze Drying system provides:

Increased cell integrity (without mechanical grinding)

Micronization (small particle size)

Porous particle structure (increased surface area to facilitate absorption)

Fast and more consistent drying at low temperatures

Sublimation and micronisation are carried out in a one-stage process (under sterile conditions)

Ready powder with exceptionally low level of humidity (better preserved)

Organic healing vegetable juice

Healing and Nutritious Smoothie from Dr. Mudjibur

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