7-day Introductory course «Enliven and reload»

In this program, you will begin to get rid of the accumulated acidic waste and help the functioning of your intracellular detoxification system. The end result: you recharge your internal battery and feel more energetic, but you will not get rid of serious problems in the body! You can cure chronic fatigue, headaches, back pain, i.e. small problems in the body. You will learn how to continue to lead a new healthy lifestyle, how to live without medicines and doctors. This program will help you reduce the weight of your body, and you will continue to lose weight to the optimum level, if you follow the rules that you already know. This program is for young stars who live a 24/7 way of life and have exhausted themselves at the end. Tired!

These 7 days stay at our center include:

  • Transfer from Bangkok airport to Vantage Natural Health Center and back to the airport
  • Staying in the Vantage Natural Health Center all by yourself
  • All-natural healing procedures to recharge your internal battery
  • Throughout the day, organic / natural foods and specialty cocktails for your proper nutrition
  • Enjoy the sea and visit tourist places in your free time
  • Lectures on the theme of health from Dr. Mujibur Rahman

14-day The normalization of the balance «Detoxification and Optimal Energy Production»

In this program, you cleanse your body of toxins and your enzyme system will be restored. Your cells will begin to produce energy to the optimum level. The end result: more energy, a more pleasant life, the right mental and physical activity! At your disposal are all the spa and clinical facilities that are included in the 7-day program.

21 days - Wellness course «Solving small problems in the body»

In this program, you solve your problems in the body, you can get rid of certain diseases, such as allergies, joint pains, blood pressure, all kinds of pain. You can begin to lose weight, correct the metabolic syndrome. The main thing is that you stop using drugs and start living in harmony with nature!

30-day Complete cure «Treatment of all degenerative diseases and diseases associated with energy deficiency»

In this program, you can cure serious problems in the body, such as diabetes, complications of diabetes, heart disease, liver and kidney disease, autoimmune diseases, psoriasis, stage 2 cancer (stabilization at the 3rd stage and detoxification on the 4th stage stage), depression, mental disorders and other critical problems when doctors have already given up! You stop using all medications that you take, gradually cure your body and continue to follow my recommendations after treatment in our clinic.

Why should you continue at home? Because drugs and doctors have caused serious damage to your body.

I will not tell you that I will cure you 100%, if I say so, then I'm not your true friend, and I only need your money. I can not provide you with a 100% guarantee.

Only God can give you a 100% guarantee! But one thing I can tell you is that if you follow my recommendations and the seven golden keys for a healthy life, the slowly healing system of your own organism will heal you.

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