The key to health is in your intestines - that's what most reputable scientists believe. The health of our intestines has a significant effect on the cells since all food is digested and absorbed into it. It is from the intestine that nutrients are sent to all cells of the body. If there is an accumulation of toxic substances and gas in the intestine, such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonium, indole, and scatol, which pollute our blood, this will have a negative effect on the work of cells.

One of the strategic foundations of the immune system is in the intestine. About 60-70% of our immune cells are in Peyer's patches of the small intestine. When our intestines are contaminated, these immune cells can't function normally. In other words, a diet that spoils our intestines causes a decrease in the immune resistance of the body.

Based on the statement that the pure intestine is the guarantee of your health, I suggest several methods for cleansing the intestine. The first method is a refusal to eat for a short period, including the dietary changes described by me. Other methods I recommend are coffee enema and hydro colon therapy. Remember that the basis of cleansing the bowel is not an enema, but your daily intake of food.

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