This procedure is part of our detoxification program for the whole body. The negative ions (OH-) obtained in this procedure penetrate the large pores of the feet. The circulatory and lymphatic systems carry ions throughout the body. The toxins in the cells are positive. Thus, the body gets rid of these toxins due to the normal process of the ion channel system in the membranes, which generates an electrical signal that facilitates the movement or transport of ions to cells and cells and restores the balance of positive and negative cell charges.

Moreover, when negative ionization is introduced, the number of ions in Ca, Na, Mg in the blood increases, which indicates that the blood passes from the acid state to the alkaline state. The ion channel system in cell membranes also allows nutrients and fluids to pass through membranes and helps intracellular toxins to escape from the cells.

Negative ions accelerate the oxidation of 5-HTP in the blood. Thus, the mood improves, the pain is eased and the sexual desire increases.

This is also a diagnostic procedure, and we can detect the area of accumulation of toxins in the body, depending on the color of the water.

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