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Welcome to the restaurant of healthy organic food - "Vantage Organic Healthy Food Restaurant"

It's time to become healthy! It's time to do it right.

"Vantage Organic Healthy Food Restaurant" wants to revitalize your relationship with natural high-grade products. Each dish and smoothies are designed to improve your health, vitality, and longevity. We offer much more than ordinary food, ordinary fruit cocktails or vegetable juice.

Seriously take your health and well-being, using only organic natural ingredients that people have consumed for centuries and their benefits are confirmed by modern science.

The key to the effectiveness of our menu and cocktails is not only fresh, organic, natural, whole food ingredients, but also the process by which we produce them.

Our cooking process excludes the effects of high temperature (oxidation), which preserves the entire curative benefits of these ingredients in a stable whole food, which is extremely bioavailable. We mainly use raw products. Most of our ingredients used in smoothies are adaptogens (vegetable additives) that have natural beneficial properties. Adaptogens act differently for each person, but in the end, they bring all the physiology into balance. In balance (homeostasis), your body's natural healing powers are very effective. They treat the body as a whole. We cook our dishes and smoothies not only useful but also delicious. You will experience a wide range of benefits that are the result of "Wisdom of balance". Our dishes and cocktails are suitable for everyone. Along with our other practices, such as FULL DETOXIFICATION OF THE ORGANISM AND ACTIVATION OF REJUVENATING ENZYMES, OXIDATIVE MEDICINE AND OPTIMUM PHYSICAL EXERCISES, STRESS MANAGEMENT AND A GOOD SLEEP, our menus and smoothies are a reliable investment in your health. Our menu and smoothies correspond to the most important, promising categories in the food industry:

- without gluten,

- dairy free,

without lactose,

- without fillers,

- without preservatives,

- without synthetic nutrients, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.


- we cook and store products in glassware, ceramics or stainless steel, do not use kitchenware made of aluminum and plastic,

- we use the healthiest cooking technology: induction oven, slow cooking, steaming. Do not use microwave ovens, roasting. Our cooking technology allows us to produce: - 10 times less trans fats,

- 145% less saturated fat,

- 195% less cholesterol (bad cholesterol).

The consumption of our food and smoothies reduces the risk of inflammation, which is activated by free radicals. The most important thing is to keep the content of nutrients and minerals in food, to increase the content of antioxidants.

Special features of our dishes and smoothies

1. We use our own organic Extra-Virgin cold pressed oils. For cooking, we use organic coconut oil, as well as fill salads and food products - sesame, linseed and olive oil. We have a particularly useful own alkaline sauce based on organic apple cider vinegar ("Organic Apple Cider Vinegar").

2. For sweetening, we use organic palm sugar with GI 45 (glycemic index 45) and organic honey.

3. We use not refined salt, but Himalayan pink organic one.

4. We make ice from specially filtered water.

5. Our dishes and smoothies help:

- in energy management,

- to cope with a decrease in productivity,

- with violation of cognitive function,

- weakened immunity,

- with excess weight,

- with an intoxication of an organism,

- with metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess fat at the waist, high serum triglycerides and low HDL.

Your daily menu is determined by Dr. Mujibur Rahman, depending on your state of health, because our menu is your medicine. We prepare your food as medicine.

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