14-day - the normalization of the balance

Enjoy an unforgettable vacation with our experienced team. The program is ideal for those who plan to start eating right. A thorough cleansing and detoxification of the body will help to easily adopt a new healthy lifestyle.

A ten-day program of body cleansing implies the maximum, in a short period of time, improvement in the body's ability to generate energy. Especially effective is the course when changing the way of life as a whole to a healthier one. Sauna contributes to detoxification, relaxation, development of additional energy.

The following services are included in the payment:

- Accommodation at Vantage Natural Health Center

- Three meals a day according to the patient's health in the restaurant Vantage Organic Healthy Food.

- Natural vegetable juices and herbal cocktails available in Wellness & Detox Bar

- Natural green tea and coffee with coconut oil

- Alkaline and ozonated water

- Hydrocolonotherapy with rectal insufflation

- Ozone sauna

- Cleansing foot baths

- Special fitness program, exercises in combination with oxygen therapy

- Infrared sauna

- Swimming in water enriched with oxygen

- Stress management

- Analysis Live blood drop

- Additives, as necessary

- Sports games such as badminton, table tennis, basketball, etc.

- Free accommodation for an accompanying person. Other services, including meals, must be paid according to the price policy of Vantage Health Center.


6-00 rise, 1 glass of special water

6-40 Organic green tea or organic coffee with coconut oil

7-00, 20 min. Special fitness program

8-30 Breakfast / Organic Cocktails of Herbs and Proteins

10-30 Detox / Procedures for cleansing the body. Organic Green Tea with Coconut Oil, Lunch

13-00 Natural vegetable / fruit juices, depending on the state of health, with linseed oil

14-15 30-40 minutes rest / short sleep

16-00 Leisure: table tennis, badminton, basketball, gym, library

18-00 Dinner (after dinner: sauna, gym, swimming).

21-00 Lights out

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